Face Painting Info

The most efficient painting speed for children is around 10-12 faces per hour. This may vary depending on the complexity of the design, however it is the best way to indicate what is achievable in given time. Due to insurance limitations, we are unable to paint children under 3 years old. Children must be willing to participate and be able to keep still. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Please do however give the painter enough space, and feel free to take pictures! We cannot paint a child with chicken pox, conjunctivitis, mumps, cold sores, cuts or any infection of the skin.  Some may be ok for an arm or hand painting, just ask. We do not accept responsibility should face paint get transferred onto clothing, carpets or furnishings. We do not accept responsibility should face paint get transferred onto clothing, carpets or furnishings. For children with eczema or dry skin, we will test paints on their arm, just to be safe! Please discuss any concerns before your child is seated. We will not paint signs or symbols or other designs that could be deemed offensive in any way.


We only use professional water-based face paints and glitters that are approved for use on the face and eye area.  Although unlikely, we cannot guarantee a reaction will not occur. If you have any concerns, please mention before face painting.

  • To avoid cross-contamination:
  • A clean sponge is used per person
  • All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between events
  • Brush water is changed regularly
  • Painting is always undertaken at the participants risk
Face paints, craft'n'go


Written notice and a minimum of 48 hours are required for event cancellation. Cancellations made after this time will be subject to the full fee.

General Data Protection Regulations

All images shown on this website, along with the Colour Me Magical Facebook and Instagram pages have had verbal consent to be used. Due to changes in GDPR, if there are any images of you, or your children that have been used that you would like removed, please contact us and they will be removed immediately and without question. If you however, have any pictures that you would be happy for us to share on our website, Facebook or Instagram, please feel free to email those across!

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